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Soulknife optimization

images soulknife optimization

Once chosen, her mind blade stays in this form every time the soulknife forms her mind blade. This version is, honestly, better than the Unearthed Arcana version, which admittedly isn't that hard to pull off. Thread starter Shellman Start date May 23, Oh, and the dragon article has one "practiced manifester feat" for a solknife regarding the weapon bonus - thus helping with the multiclass soulknife. I wish I could read your mind, I can barely read mine.

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  • The campaign will be starting at ECL I've reviewed several other threads on the optimization of the Soulknife as well as the handbook, and.

    RPGBOT Pathfinder Character Optimization

    Alright so I'm creating a soulknife with the following tricks so far be an Aerenal elf take the aereni focus feat to gain Iaijutsu focus as a skill Since.

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    This sounds meh Psychokinetic burst 1. And the GM should be making racial templates, not the players. When shaping her weapon and assigning abilities to it, the soulknife chooses whether it will deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage. The mind transcends the body.

    dnd e Soulknife vs Soulbow Roleplaying Games Stack Exchange

    Soulknife can be built to resemble a passable melee combatant ToB helps ; Soulbow doesn't improve melee in any way.

    images soulknife optimization
    Soulknife optimization
    Which is sad, because its concept is very fun.

    Dec 11,pm. You want at least a 13 to qualify for some of the feats. For starters, the Mind Blade itself can be either two light weapons perfect for throwing, a one-handed weapon to use with a shield or a two-handed weapon for extra damage note that the Half-Giant from the same book can Mind Blades that are one size larger than he is thanks to their special features. No need to lose half of your abilities because you expended your focus when it wasn't completely necessary.

    Any particular races, feats or PrC's work better with this class?​ The 'Illumine Soul' (I think) class from complete psionic is kinda cool for a soul knife.​ A soul knife can go either for melee combat or ranged, make your pick early and build feats towards it.

    › Pathfinder_RPG › comments › optimizing_a_sou. I am creating an 8th level soulknife who will be optimizing stealth and dual wielding. allowing DSP stuff, look into the Path of War archetype for the soulknife.
    With Psionic Weapon sp? Psychic Strike Su : As a move action, a soulknife of 3rd level or higher can imbue his mind blade with destructive psychic energy.

    At 20th level, a soulknife reaches the pinnacle of her art and her connection to her blade is so strong it cannot be severed. If you don't mind introducing homebrew, however, you can take a crack at fixing it with this. Also, how are all of you converting attributes over? Dannyalcatraz Moderator Staff member.

    images soulknife optimization
    Soulknife optimization
    Firstly because you only need one hand to shoot a mind arrow you can use two-weapon fighting and rapid shot to spam a lot of attacks a turn.

    Darkvision, winged flight, high damage resistance, shape-changing, several spell-like abilities etc. KRyan KRyan k 40 40 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

    Soulknife 1d4chan

    Check out for the Linked Power feat from Complete Psionic. Originally Posted by johndallman. Thanks guys all good ideas!

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    images soulknife optimization

    Thus, the Soulknife prestige class was born. It was later made into a base class for e's Expanded Psionics Handbook.

    Soulknife – d20PFSRD

    Unfortunately, like. Introduction[edit]. This came forth after a discussion[See: Arguement] in where I was defending the 'underpowered, lame class'.

    I decided to build this using my.
    Quote from: rasmuswagner on June 29,PM. Technically, it's not an optimized character, being the result of my GM permitting me to switch classes between adventures a monk, now a soulknife. So if you really want a seat with Ken buy a ticket at Sussie's table and email me letting me know. And more!

    Soulknife build recommendations Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

    Hexblade - Samurai - Swashbuckler. Mindless creatures are immune to this damage, although non-mindless creatures immune to mind-affecting effects are affected by this damage as normal. While Ken 's table is sold out; I do have a request to move one player to Sussie 's table so they can play with a family member who bought a ticket late.

    images soulknife optimization
    Dreamscarred Press would also come up with a straight port of the soulknife.

    Video: Soulknife optimization 5th Edition D&D Homebrew - Soul Knife Monk

    Like, Fighter bad. Soulbreaker 1.

    images soulknife optimization

    Log in Register. You could take Psionic Body earlier, or you could also swap out one feat early on for Armor Proficiency: Medium to be able to better take a hit, but then again, your focus in combat is more along the lines of not getting hit, as opposed to soaking. The only problem for that is the need for move actions to power the psychic strike ability and regain focus.

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    1. I had a two-handed soulknife in a higher-level campaign that was completely devestating I don't have the exact feat list in front of me, so this is going from memory.